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City of Fishers COVID-19 response survey

Thank you for taking part in the City of Fishers and Fishers Health Department COVID-19 Survey. This survey has been designed to capture your views on the City of Fishers Health Department’s and City’s response to COVID-19, its services to the community, and provide feedback on ways we can continue to improve our operations.

We value your perspective and appreciate you taking time to complete this survey. The survey will take approximately 4-6 minutes to complete.

Throughout the pandemic, there were many Federal, State, and local organizations that guided our individual and collective responses to COVID-19. For this survey, we are asking that you focus your responses towards the City of Fishers and Fishers Health Department, and not our Hamilton County, State, or Federal agencies.

Our hope is to use your feedback to improve our services and ultimately continue unparalleled service for our community.