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Wells County Local Emergency Planning Data Collection Survey

The Local Emergency Planning Committee & Emergency Management agency of Wells County is collecting comments through Vantage Point Consulting on hazardous materials throughout Wells County. 

The hazardous materials survey is a survey to report the presence of hazardous materials in your facility & to pass your information on to First Responders. This survey consists of a report on the layout of your facility & location & type of hazardous materials that can threaten the health of workers, first responders & environment.

The purpose of this survey is to address:

  1. Fire Rating
  2. Address quantities and update hazardous materials stored at your facilities.
  3. Address information regarding HazMat materials to First Responders, so these agencies know quantity’s on hand and location stored for responding.
  4. Type of hazardous materials on hand and which protocols to follow in safety regarding toxic fumes, flammability, flashpoints.
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