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You can see and do more with a higher Vantage Point.

Vantage Point Consulting provides a strategic vision for Emergency Management and Preparedness solutions.

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The latest from Vantage Point

Why do the healthiest people in a disaster get evacuated and moved first?

When you see an emergency on TV and notice responders helping the healthiest people first, there's a good reason. Here's...

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Certifications for healthcare and fire safety professionals that make teams agile and smarter

“The value of these courses comes from having a better understanding of what you’re doing. They make you a well-rounded...

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Inside Incident Command: what healthcare organizations aren’t doing that puts lives at risk

One of the many outcomes from the September 11, 2001 Trade Center attacks was the realization there is no standard...

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Hospital helipad contaminated after hazmat situation

"Decontamination is one of those things that we regularly train our emergency department staff on and they're well prepared to...

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Tips for wellness

Take a look at your keyboard and ask yourself, "When is the last time I cleaned that?" If the answer...

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Avoid auto breakdowns and dangers this summer

Before the summer gets too hot, use these tips to prevent unexpected breakdowns. You'll save yourself a lot of time,...

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Vantage Point Consulting is on-site and online.

When you hire Vantage Point Consulting, you’re hiring experienced traininers with no less than ten years of experience. Our instructors meet your teams and stay with you during every course, drill, and seminar. Our instructors are hands-on with your leadership and team.

Numerous certifications are available online. Many events are routinely scheduled around the Midwest. On-site courses are scheduled on-demand at your request.

Three ways to get started with Vantage Point Consulting

Step 1
Get answers to questions

How long are certifications good for? How quickly can we setup a training? Contact us with any questions.

Step 2
Schedule or take a class

See a list of upcoming courses and you can register and pay now online.

On-site courses are ready to be scheduled.

Step 3
Need to speak to someone?

We’re ready to answer your call at (844) 982-6824 or via email at vpc@vantagepointc.com. You can also email us through our website.

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  • Indiana Chamber
  • International Board for Certification of Safety Managers
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