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Emergency management, life safety, and preparedness training you can use

Vantage Point Consulting provides a strategic vision for Emergency Management and Preparedness teams in healthcare, commerce, industry, and other sectors.

What do you want to train or prepare for?

HazMat Cleanup with Vantage Point Consulting
On-site, online, and tabletop drills, courses, and certifications to help you skill-up, be prepared, and know what to do in an emergency.

Upcoming safety and certification trainings and courses

Vantage Point conducts regular public and private courses online and in person throughout the year. Most of our trainings are done on-site in Indiana and around the Midwest. A growing number of trainings, like active threat awareness and Certified Healthcare Emergency Professional certifications are held across the U.S..

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Safety training, OSHA certification, workplace safety, and more

Extend your skills and improve workplace safety

Paramedics during an ambulatory surgical center training exercise
VPC can conduct on-site training with your teams, in your environment. Tabletop exercises are also available.

Hospitals and healthcare training

Get your staff and emergency management personnel trained in incident command and command management, disaster life support, and numerous other certifications. Your healthcare organization will be better prepared to protect and respond to your community.

Threat awareness and personal safety

Schools, businesses, hospitals/healthcare organizations and other employers can provide their security teams and personnel with de-escalation training, active shooter drills, physical and cyber security risk assessments.

OSHA, COOP, and workplace safety

Workers encountering dealing with hazardous materials receive training, disaster planning, evacuation processes, safety audits and certifications with Vantage Point Consulting. Continuity of Operations planing

Certifications and other trainings

Help manage the human capital in your workplace by receiving experienced instruction and training in a variety of skills. Stress management, de-escalation, OSHA safety, and more are available.

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“Vantage Point really doesn’t want us to fail. They give us a lot of information and resources prior to [training].”

When you hire Vantage Point Consulting, you’re hiring experienced trainers with no less than ten years of experience and over 2,000 exercises. Our instructors meet your teams and stay with you during every course, drill, and seminar. Our instructors are hands-on with your leadership and team.

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