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active shooter awareness

Who this course is for

Any front-line staff member who regularly engages with the general public, churches, schools, and public gathering places.

What you’ll learn

Course content focuses on recognizing risk factors, learning de-escalation skills, implementing emergency planning, learning response techniques and improving security precautions

  • Provide ability to prepare and Active Shooter Emergency Plan and Policy.
  • Provide a safe work environment.
Lori M., an attendee of a training we offered to her church had this to say:
“That was the best training I’ve seen out of Vantage Point! You have put together a really amazing team.  The team understood the church setting and could really make the presentation relate to the needs.” 

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Active Shooter incidents are headline stories and human tragedies—seemingly random, seemingly unpreventable. But often there are warning signs and proactive steps to be taken to try to help prevent such a horrible event from occurring in the first place.

The emergency preparedness experts at Vantage Point Consulting design customized training and exercise programs that help prepare your staff to:

  • Recognize risk factors
  • Learn de-escalation skills
  • Implement emergency planning
  • Learn response techniques
  • Improve security precautions

We can all recognize and remember cases involving business offices, malls, theaters, schools, restaurants, hospitals, and more. Threats may arise from, but are not limited to, any of the following:

  • Risk from employee/supervisor disputes
  • Risk from mentally unbalanced workers, their family members, or both
  • Risk from radical members of the community
  • Risk from employees using or seeking drugs
  • Dysfunctional employee relationships and domestic disputes
  • High-stress work environments

Active Shooter incidents trouble us all, but companies need to have an Active Shooter Emergency Plan and Policy in place. Make sure your staff gets the training they need to enhance survival skills and preparedness abilities.

Upcoming Training

03SepActive Threats in the Workplace Training with the Indiana Chamber - EST

Workplace Violence and Safety Training

Event Details

Help your organization prepare against workplace violence this September 3, 2020.

It is estimated that one out of four employees will be victims of workplace violence and that workplace assaults account for $121 billion in annual losses in the U.S.

Violence in the workplace occurs in many ways and at an alarming rate. This seminar will help attendees learn how to look for warning signs, identify indicators that may predict negative behavior, create preparedness activities and much more.

Specifically, the Active Threats in the Workplace seminar will provide attendees with:

  • Preparedness activities for your business
  • Prevention techniques to keep your business safe and secure
  • Indicators that may predict threat behavior
  • De-escalation techniques for business owners
  • Workplace violence warning signs and factors that may help prevent events
  • Responses to an active threat
  • Run, hide, fight response to an active threat situation
  • Importance of situational awareness and information sharing
  • Mental state of mind of employees and the public
  • A checklist to use in your own organization


  • $399 Member price
  • $499 List price

If you send two or more attendees, you will receive a 20% discount! Use promo code GROUP20 at checkout to save.

Registration for this event will open soon.


(Thursday) - EST


Indiana Chamber Conference Center

115 W Washington St, Suite 850S, Indianapolis, IN 46204


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