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Get customized training, management, and exercises for your healthcare facility

Nurses and doctors rush a patient on a bed through an ER.

First responder and healthcare certifications

CHEP, CHSP, and many of these other certifications are held online, in-person, or at your workplace. Schedule one for your group or, enroll in one of several held regularly throughout the year.

Recent news and training updates

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This 5 step de-escalation technique helps calm tense situations
Review these 5 steps used as part of de-escalation techniques. They can be used on kids, coworkers, and others.
Get online CHFSP certification with one of the only virtual certifiers in the U.S.
Get online CHFSP certification with one of the only virtual certifiers in the U.S.
New HSI CPR, AED, and First Aid course available to businesses and general industry
General industry and business operations have a new option to train staff and teams in first aid, CPR, and AED usage. Vantage Point Consulting is …
Basic Life Support of Demonstrating chest compressions on CPR manikin

Core, Basic, and Advanced Disaster Life Support

Earn your CDLS, BDLS, and ADLS online, on-site, or in-person at our training facility. VPC trainers regularly conduct these and other trainings throughout the year.


Union Health incident command relied on training and pushed their limits 14 hours a day

Group of healthcare workers with digital tablet meeting in hospital boardroom.

Healthcare management and command training

Keep your plans updated, your team sharp, and your options before, during, and after a critical incident flexible with these courses.

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