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Cybersecurity training exercises for healthcare, schools, and businesses

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Get cybersecurity exercises and tabletop drills that put your team—and skills—to the test in Indiana and across the country

Vantage Point Consulting offers cybersecurity training exercises for healthcare, private businesses, and technical personnel that prepares you and your team for adverse events and threat actors.

VPC has over a decade of experience in offline and online incident response and exercise design with:

Healthcare and hospitals

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Ambulatory surgical centers
  • Outpatient centers
  • Medical offices such as dentists, optometrists, and specialists

Businesses and private organizations

  • Insurance and financial businesses
  • Heavy and mid-size industry and manufacturing
  • Large and mid-size commercial
  • Nonprofit groups with medium to large-scale resources

What would your team do in these and other scenarios? We can help you find out with industry-leading threat assessments

Cybersecurity training and cyber risk management for businesses

Businesses and upper management should conduct cyber security training exercises at least once a year. These test scenarios help you understand what happens if attacks identify ways to harm your organization.

We help employees and teams in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and across the country:

  • Develop responsibility for company data, including best practices for document management, notification, password hygiene, and Internet use.
  • See how they might fall for and protect themselves and their data through social engineering, phishing, and challenging test scenarios.
  • Draft, analyze and understand company policies on social media, mobile device usage, and protecting computer resources.
  • Test and identify significant risks to critical systems.

The most common method of cybersecurity training is through a tabletop exercise scenario. Our process injects tabletop exercises with twists and scenarios with clear exercise objectives and forces people to react as if a real event is happening, such as:

  • Your phone systems are down and your staff begins sharing passwords via email with colleagues. Is there a way people can access systems securely?
  • IT has determined a threat inside the U.S. has gained access to the company’s network and you need to shut it down. What steps do they take to issue an alert, test their existing cybersecurity, and prepare staff?
  • Your small IT team is unavailable and other key roles are away at a conference. How do you make decisions during a cyber breach, issue alerts, and take action?
Cybersecurity training and tabletop exercises for healthcare facilities and schools

You know healthcare and education facilities face threats to their systems, patient or student data, and financial assets every day.

VPC’s cybersecurity training for healthcare and education includes full-scale incident response exercises and tabletop exercises to prepare you for such events as ransomware, malware, loss of functionality in billing, payroll, or communications.

VPC ensures cyber threats, attacks, and hacks are not just about your IT. While Cybersecurity has traditionally been the domain of IT, we test your entire organization’s capacity for response. We design exercises that test:

  • How your directors, leadership, IT, and communications teams interact and share information in a cyber crisis scenario.
  • Ways to fix and identify failures in plans and processes for notification, issue escalation, staff training, and proper change control.
  • The existence of plans and insurance policies for various threats.
  • Communications and education to the public based on your specific enterprise and value to the public, such as patient or student data leaks.
  • A power failure has placed your computers and network offline. How does leadership and your operations team react without the ability to log, locate, or track patients or students?
  • An employee has taken data off the network. Do you recognize the threat and have processes to investigate malicious intent?

Tabletop exercises and cybersecurity training that act as “an online fire drill”

Team of IT and management professionals meeting in a server room

VPC provides planning and procedures for various threats. Because of our skills in offline incident response, emergency management, and training, our cybersecurity experts conduct procedures to test and strengthen how your online systems impact your offline resources.

We do this through:

  • Tabletop exercises to help you plan for, respond to, and define the effectiveness of your cybersecurity systems.
  • On-location and ongoing consulting working with your Managed Security Services Providers (MSSP) to test how the company would, could, and should respond to a cyber attack. 
  • Expertise and knowledge in threat assessments, such as response issues, vulnerabilities in business continuity of operations (COOP), and your overall security posture. 
  • Clear objectives for what works, what doesn’t, and what needs immediate improvement for future exercises and knowledge sharing.

VPC does not assess on-device or on-network security systems or vulnerabilities in your existing technology, such as outdated firmware or unpatched network routers. We develop plans and threat assessments that test your response to a real-world scenario.

Get started with your cybersecurity training and upgrade your online incident response today

The best way for any organization to prepare for a cyber security event is to exercise and test plans.

There is no software or hardware solution available that is 100% fool-proof, as the human element will always involve a certain amount of risk.

The “Achilles’ heel” of cybersecurity comes down to a lack of constant cybersecurity awareness training, ransomware, and not policing supply chain vendors to ensure they meet cybersecurity standards.

Education and testing of policies through exercises help organizations determine the “weak links” in their policies and procedures to take corrective actions to reduce their risk.

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