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Can I get a discounted rate for bringing my whole company to training?

Vantage Point courses are priced competitively and are not designed to be low-quality. Courses are charged on a per-person basis regardless of the number of people.

What should I do to prepare for a course?

For most courses you only need to show up at your course location on-time. Many Vantage Point courses are conducted in a classroom setting. Other courses can be conducted at your location or online. Your course instructor will help you as your course date approaches.

Can I take multiple courses at once or in the same day?

Most likely not. Almost every Vantage Point course is designed to be high-quality, conform to any accreditation or certification standards set by governing bodies or agencies, and are full-day events. Taking multiple classes at once is also not recommended except in special circumstances.

How many people are in a course?

It varies depending on a course. Online courses can be just you or a small group. Classroom courses can be 10-30 people. Some drills include live-action actors and facilities involve dozens or hundreds of people. Ask your instructor for more details on your class size.

Are there training options for people with disabilities or special needs?

Let your instructor know if you or anyone in your group has any special learning needs. For any course or drill that doesn’t rely on necessary physical abilities (i.e., evacuation management in a HazMat scenario), we will accommodate everyone as best as reasonable and as required by law.

Can I customize the time commitment of a course?

Various governing bodies and government agencies, like OSHA, require some courses be completed with a specific amount of time. For instance, OSHA certification can be completed within 6 months, but earned time “expires” after six months if a certification hasn’t been achieved. Ask your instructor or email vpc@vantagepointc.com if you need to customize a course schedule for your team.

I’m interested in helping with drills, can I get paid as an actor?

To keep costs low and protect the budgets of the municipal organizations that need these training exercises, Vantage Point uses volunteers in training drills. If you’re interested in volunteering, email vpc@vantagepointc.com.

Can you provide a course on-site at my hospital or company?

In many cases, yes. Certain facilities may be required for some courses, but we can travel to your location for most every course. If you’d like to request a course, contact us.

I have a busy schedule, what happens if I need to leave a course mid-day?

Like any course or certification, you can miss a little, but you may find yourself behind in course material quickly. Try to minimize the need to leave as much as possible. For courses that require tests to pass to receive a certification you’re at risk of struggling on the exam.

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