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Certification training & other services

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Skill-up with CISM, CHEP, CERC, CEDP, CDLS, and other courses

Nurses and doctors rush a patient on a bed through an ER.

Emergency preparedness, first responder, and healthcare certifications

CHEP, CHSP, and many of these other certifications are held online, in-person, or at your workplace. Schedule one for your group or, enroll in one of several held regularly throughout the year.


Go inside a mock snowfall drill that tested an entire region’s emergency response

Basic Life Support of Demonstrating chest compressions on CPR manikin

Core, Basic, and Advanced Disaster Life Support

Earn your CDLS, BDLS, and ADLS online, on-site, or in-person at our training facility. VPC trainers regularly conduct these and other trainings throughout the year.


See how one Health Department reduced workloads through VPC’s HazMat Awareness and Technician courses

A woman in an office conference room listens to a presenter off-screen.

Organizational and workplace training

Improve your workplace efficiency, services, and company culture with a host of leadership and skills training for general industry and workplaces:

Upcoming trainings and events you might be interested in

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