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Security training and consulting

Workplace safety, de-escalation, and cyber security to keep your people safe

A boy puts a gun in a backpack in a classroom.

Active shooter/threat training and drills

In the worst-case scenario of an active shooter, a knife-wielding attacker, or some other violent threat, would your team know what to do?

Active Shooter/Threat Awareness Training provides teams ways to understand the current nature of threats, how to react, and what to do beyond calling 911.

Active Shooter/Threat Drills are a useful follow-up option for teams interested in practicing their plans.

Two men in a factory visibly talking in a heated argumented.

Workplace violence and de-escalation training

Help your team understand how to handle an unruly customer, a dementia patient, an angry co-worker, and how to identify signs of distress.

Workplace Violence Training, includes aggression management, defensive tactics and strategies, and de-escalation training.


See how VPC pushes people to move beyond ‘Run, Hide, Fight’ during active threat situations.

A male worker doing maintenance work by cleaning and inspecting a security camera.

Physical/security risk assessment

Are your cameras working and in the best positions? Are your doors hardened against an attacker? What are the weak spots and vulnerabilities in your emergency plans?

Our team of experienced law enforcement and first-responder trainers has seen all the ways groups miss critical steps, security, and risks. Let us find them first so others don’t.

Also check out VPC Safety Check for ongoing audits.

Nurse typing on a computer keyboard

Cyber security exercises for healthcare

Hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, and other healthcare facilities face special cyber security needs. If your IT team has hardened your infrastructure, let us put your emergency response plans to the test.

Our trainers can develop a series of exercises that put people through the motions of what to do during a real cyber security threat.


Union Health incident command relied on training and pushed their limits 14 hours a day

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