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12 of the best, free downloads for cybersecurity planners and preparation

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October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. These 12 free reports, factsheets, planners, and slide decks are a great way for you or your IT teams to think about your preparedness.

The Hotel Hijackers

From PandaSecurity.com, a 9-page slide deck on Hotel Hijackers. How phishers deploy tactics to get at hotel booking information, payments, and more.

Download [PDF]

Cybersecurity Framework

From Nist Cyber, an official US Government website, this 12-page presentation talks about risk management, vulnerability disclosures, and more. Useful for IT professionals. 

Download [PDF]

FCC Cybersecurity Planning Guide

The FCC has put together a cybersecurity planning guide that discusses scams, data security, email, website health, payments, operational security, and more. This 51-page report is easy to skim and includes useful information for small businesses.

Download [PDF]

Healthcare Digital Edge Playbook

From Equinix comes this playbook for healthcare providers. See how to build an omnichannel patient experience that maintains flexibility and de-escalates risk to you, your facility, and your staff.

Download [PDF]

Internal Threats Personified: How employees can jeopardize your cybersecurity

Mimecast raises the question all teams have to grapple with: how to protect your digital systems from your weakest links, which are usually employees who mistakenly click something malicious. For instance, 60% of the email that comes to an employee likely originates from outside their network and usually isn’t inspected.

Download [PDF]

Driving Digital Agility

This 4-page brief covers telehealth and virtual health visits. Comcast Business put this report together about digital literacy challenges, how wearables like an Apple Watch or other medical device can provide patient insight, and security issues.

Download [PDF]

The State of Email Security in 2020

Again from Mimecast comes a guide to online brand protection, phishing, cyber security resilience, safety training, and email-borne attack increases.

Download [PDF]

Threats to Cybersecurity 

COVID-19 has given online criminals a useful new way to exploit security threats. This 3-page brief from Tala Security is useful for small businesses with online e-commerce services.

Download [PDF]

The financial advisor’s guide to social media strategy and policy

Originally from 2019, Smarsh’s guide covers the legal regulations and requirements of a solid social media policy. Useful for healthcare providers, large enterprises, and anyone looking for guidance on how to determine a policy for archiving, recording, and maintaining momentum online.

Download [PDF]

Planning for Office 365 gaps

Office 365, now Microsoft 365, is a top choice for businesses of all sizes for productivity, email, and file sharing. But the gaps in security are less known. Mimecast has produced this 9-page guide on email threads, domain security, and how to add additional protection that doesn’t come out of the box with Office and Exchange.

Download [PDF]

Email training strategies for effective account takeover protection

Lastly, again from Mimecast, this 13-page document includes information on their Mimecast Awareness Training program but also explains dangers that come from account takeovers. Specifically, people losing control of their email account due to phishing, malicious hacks, or social engineering.

Download [PDF]

Get your own cybersecurity training personalized for your team and needs

Vantage Point Consulting provides a variety of online and in-person courses ranging from cybersecurity awareness training to tabletop and functional exercises to test respective cybersecurity plans.  It has been estimated that 1 in 4 companies will experience a cyber event in 2021. 

VPC provides individuals with a personalized approach to your business’s cyber solutions. Healthcare providers, small businesses, and large enterprises or industrial organizations interested in threat assessments, audits, and training can contact VPC today to schedule or to discuss options.

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