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VPC featured in Indiana Chamber’s August BizVoice magazine

A woman behind a desk in a hospital walks with a mock wooden rifle during a simulated active threat exercise.
A woman behind a desk in a hospital walks with a mock wooden rifle during a simulated active threat exercise prepared by VPC.

Issue focuses on cybersecurity and workplace safety, de-escalation

The Indiana Chamber’s regular BizVoice Magazine featured Vantage Point in its August 2023 issue. You can review individual stories at the Chamber’s BizVoice website.

The feature, titled “Preparing for the Worst” by Matt Ottinger, shares behind-the-scenes photos of an active threat drill and how these trainings can bring peace of mind for healthcare facilities and their patients.

From the story:

De-escalation is another focus, and the health care industry – like hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers and long-term care facilities – has been a key partner in that realm. Jester expresses mild surprise there aren’t more inquiries from the retail industry.

“But I think it’s because you can appease someone very quickly by saying, ‘Okay, we’re just going to return that,’ or ‘if you don’t want it, don’t buy it’ – that type of response,” he surmises. “And that person leaves and it’s much easier to get back to the ‘customer’s always right’ way of thinking.”

He contrasts that with the emotional circumstances surrounding health care, an increased expectation for focused attention and the fact that families are involved as ingredients for more combative situations in that industry.

“The other aspect I think is with staffing the way it is, health care organizations have really figured out they need to protect the staff and they have to make the organization employee friendly or employee focused to provide the tools necessary to do the job safely,” Jester believes.

On the active threat side, predicting where or in what types of industries it can happen can be difficult to isolate.

“It’s just somebody somewhere has a gripe about something, whether it’s in your organization or not, and they’re going to come and they think they’re fixing the problem by creating an active threat situation,” Jester states.

You can read the whole story in the magazine or via BizVoice’s website (PDF link).

For more on active threat training and de-escalation, check out these pages:

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