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Take a peek into the VPC Toolbox

VPC Toolbox includes a growing library of easy to use reports, checklists, and guides. More are added regularly.


Assessments for walk-throughs and self-reporting


Active Threat Workplace Assessment 605.51 KB

1-4 employees will be the victim of workplace violence. This active threat assessment will help you understand your weak points. Improve your facility's response and the safety of your colleagues. De-escalation training is also available by request.


Business Continuity Assessment 0.00 KB

The Business Continuity Assessment prepares your organization for CMS compliance. Get a checklist of questions to ask participants about emergency operations, training and testing plans, COOP and long-term recovery, and more.


    Audit forms and guides for facilities and workplaces


    HazMat Audit 70.45 KB

    Before a real hazardous materials situation arises, use this HazMat Audit to check your team and facility's response to a critical incident.


    Internal Electrical Audit 96.10 KB

    Download this checklist to help you perform an internal electrical audit at your facility. It's also an important tool for fire safety.


    Internal Fire Audit 62.73 KB

    Keep your fire drills, safety procedures, communication protocols, and more up to date and in-check with this internal fire audit checklist.


    Lockout/Tagout Audit 65.62 KB

    Use this checklist to review your lockout/tagout safety protocols and procedures.


    Personal Protective Equipment Audit 154.81 KB

    PPE is required by OSHA in most circumstances. Use this equipment audit to monitor your personal protective equipment.

      Inspection Forms

      Inspection forms to ensure compliance


      Fire Door Inspection Form 219.37 KB

      This fire door inspection form walks you through every major and minor detail you need to check and monitor.

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