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Preparing for the IFASC Spring Conference

Troy Jester of Vantage Point Consulting


By multiple ASC requests, and to assist you in developing the exercises mandated by CMS Conditions for Coverage (CfC), we have partnered with VPC’s Troy Jester, who leads off the 1st afternoon session by showing us how to design an emergency preparedness exercise as referenced in the IFASC EP Toolkit (IEPTK) Appendix #3.
2nd Session, Troy will focus on interpreting the IEPTK by walking us through how to evaluate & document the exercise activity as referenced in Toolkit Appendix #4.

NOTE: all ASCs need to be Emergency Prepared both for the reality of such occurrences and for CMS requirement, and the surveys-to-come. Therefore, any ASCs that did not attend the IFASC 2017 Fall Conference or otherwise obtain the IFASC Emergency Preparedness Toolkit: register for this upcoming May 4th Conference as soon as you can, and we will happily and rapidly plan for you to receive it!

Learn more and Register for the IFASC Spring Conference

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