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Test your skills with this free online CEDP training and test exam

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20 questions, all multiple choice. You must earn at least 70% to pass.

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What specific federal agency helps disaster victims replace U.S. Savings Bonds lost in a disaster?
What CPG addresses national resources?
During a declared disaster, which of the following would not specifically fall under the umbrella of the ESF addressing the Protection of Natural and Cultural Resources?
What statement best describes the concept of "situational awareness" as defined by FEMA?
What agency would provide communication assistance to the healthcare sector during a national disaster?

About the CEDP exam

First responders, emergency management, healthcare professionals, and others seeking Certified Emergency Disaster Preparedness training can benefit from online and in-person CEDP courses. Vantage Point Consulting is one of the only providers nationwide offering CEDP as an online course.

The concepts and general knowledge covered as part of the CEDP credential includes approximately 100-150 items, with about a quarter to a little over a third of the questions on emergency management, disaster preparedness, and safety and environmental hazards.

The International Board for Certification Services and Management (IBFCSM) has more details on the domain of each section. While VPC offers online CEDP courses, we do not proctor virtual exams. IBFCSM does, occasionally, offer the test online through their supported web platforms. VPC routinely provides periodic proctored exams throughout the year.

This practice exam is provided as-is for test preparation purposes only.

Practice tests are the best way to prepare for the official test. Here’s how

To help applicants prepare for the emergency disaster professional certifications, we have developed this free online skills examination. The process in this quiz is similar to the CEDP entrance exam and material is weighted and designed similar to the official test. 

  • You must score at least 70% to receive a passing score on this practice test. To successfully pass the official tests, there are usually two form variations, with a passing score of 68 points on Form 1 and 72 on Form 2, which is a slightly less difficult exam.
  • The real CEDP exam can contain weighted questions. For instance, an exam may have 125 questions with a high score totaling 145 points. This practice CEDP test does not weigh questions.
  • You can retake this practice test as many times as you like by refreshing the page or clicking this CEDP test exam link.
  • If you fail on your first attempt of the real exam, you can take it again at a reduced fee. There is a maximum number of two attempts during a 12-month period.
  • These are merely sample questions indicative of the questions on the exam.
  • Each question is multiple choice.
  • Your reading comprehension skills, as well as required knowledge about topics, will be tested thoroughly on this and the official test.
  • This practice exam does not have a time limit. However, the real exam has a 2.5-hour time limit.
Tips for improving your score on the CEDP exam

General knowledge of emergency disaster methods, such as incident command processes, data management, governmental agencies and partners, the ability to glean information from a real or hypothetical situation, leadership principles, and more is the priority. Use the CEDP study guide (purchase required) to prepare and find detailed explanations.

  • Make sure you have a complete understanding of basic skills related to command and organization structure, an understanding of FEMA and other government agency responses, and safety issues such as critical care access, food and water safety, HazMat, and and terrorism response.
  • Reading comprehension is tested heavily. Read each question carefully and make sure you understand the topic and concept.
  • Learning in the classroom often features discussions, Q&A, and student-instructor interaction. We find online courses can meet the same level of engagement, but only if students are prepared to actively engage. For your success and the preparation of others, come to online courses with your cameras on, distractions minimized, and ready to participate fully.

Virtual courses and in-person CEDP test dates throughout the year

CEDP courses are held in Indiana at least twice a year, with one or more being online courses available to anyone in the world. 

Small groups, organizations, and agencies can request CEDP training if a date isn’t available.

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