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VPC only provider in the nation with virtual CEDP and CHFSP prep sessions

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The International Board for Certification Services and Management (IBFCSM) maintains a list of qualified, accredited courses for a variety of life safety and healthcare management trainings. Throughout the pandemic, Vantage Point has been the only provider of virtual certification prep course for Certified Emergency Disaster Professional Certification and Certified Healthcare Fire Safety Professional Certification.

Virtual prep courses differ from “online” training. Virtual training is similar to classroom instruction, where participants meet at determined times. Instructors provide lessons over a webinar or conference format and participants ask questions and participate through chat or with their own video and microphone.

Online instruction is asynchronous, meaning there are no set times for classes and assignments and exams, if any, are posted with consistent deadlines you complete on your schedule anytime before the deadline. This is what VPC offers.

Cumulatively, Vantage Point Consulting has conducted over 1,800 exercises and trainings in-person and online over the last decade. 

CEDP is offered virtually this August 26

This course is for professionals in public, private, and government institutions serving in emergency or disaster management situations. The course is 8 hours and includes an exam. The 2.5-hour exam is scheduled by the attendee virtually after the prep course. This is a unique experience accessible only during the pandemic.

CHFSP this August 29, 2021. 

The Certified Healthcare Fire Safety Professional (CHFSP) Designation is a stand-alone credential. Upon passing the CHFSP Examination, the certified member becomes CHFSP credentialed by the International Board for Certification of Safety Managers (IBFCSM).

Both of these courses are enrolling now for $650. Find more course information regarding CHEP / CHSP / CEDP / and CHFSP Certification here.

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