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Four Counties come together to train and conduct HazMat drill

On July 31, 2019, 4 counties (Dekalb, LaGrange, Noble, Steuben) will participate in an operational emergency preparedness exercise. The exercise will test many capabilities including response to a hazardous materials release and communication among multiple departments.

The scenario will develop at Carpers Farm Supply in Ashley and include Ashley Fire Department, Emergency Management from each county, and hazardous materials response teams from Angola Fire Department, Auburn Fire Department and Kendallville Fire Department. Emergency Medical Services from DeKalb Health, Parkview Noble, Parkview LaGrange and Steuben County EMS will also participate.

Vantage Point Consulting is proud to be selected to plan, conduct and evaluate this large exercise. Many hours of planning and coordinating among the emergency responders is required to conduct a successful exercise. This exercise process starts with setting objectives and determining the emergency that is to be included in the scenario.

This exercise was developed to test response to a hazardous material, as each county LEPC (Local Emergency Planning Committee) is required to participate. Involving 4 LEPC groups and 3 hazardous material teams helps to test how the organizations work together and how communication flows.

For questions regarding this exercise or ways to plan a joint exercise among your agencies or organization, contact Troy Jester at 844-982-6824, ext 702.

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