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Get online CHFSP certification with one of the only virtual certifiers in the U.S.

Credential offered regularly online and upon request

If you’re seeking a Certified Healthcare Fire Safety Professional certification, Vantage Point Consulting is one of the only providers in the U.S. and the only one in the Midwest authorized to confer certification services virtually. This means you’ll be able to get your CHFSP certification with less travel and less time away from your work and home.

Fire Safety Manager training

About online CHFSP training and course work

Online training has the same certification requirements as in-person training. It’s approximately an six-hour day, delivered from morning until afternoon with a brief break for lunch. The virtual proctored exam can then be scheduled by the attendee.

For many professionals working in medical practices or healthcare organizations, your ability to absorb and retain healthcare emergency concepts depends on your ability to focus on the course through the day. Life safety training and emergency management professionals can guarantee success by reducing distractions, meetings, calls, and interruptions while participating in the online course, just as you would in-person.

Certified healthcare fire safety professional is a standalone designation

The Certified Healthcare Fire Safety Professional (CHFSP) Designation is a stand-alone credential. Upon passing the CHFSP examination, the certified member becomes CHFSP credentialed by the International Board for Certification of Safety Managers (IBFCSM).

Can I take the CHFSP certification exam online?

Yes, the 2.5 hour exam for certified healthcare fire safety professional certification is proctored virtually..

The exam includes approximately multiple-choice questions across several domains of knowledge. Developed with the assistance of practicing professionals and subject matter experts, it requires no mathematical or engineering calculations. The exam content is broad and can cover many fire-related topics in addition to NFPA 101 and Accreditation Standards.

What’s included in the online CHFSP course?

The course includes a one-day exam preparation and review of National Fire Protection Association codes, OSHA regulations, and Joint Commission standards. The subject matter includes three broad domains of knowledge and each domain is examined on the exam:

  1. Fire safety practice, which includes exhaust systems, ventilations, smoke and door requirements, lighting requirements, surgical fire risks, and how to test roof surfaces and thermal barriers.
  2. Fire hazard codes and standards, which includes sprinklers, door assemblies, life safety and egress, smoke control, and fire suppression systems.
  3. Safety management compliance, which includes work done by safety managers, emergency management principles, disaster management, response actions, electrical safety hazards, and inspection requirements.

Get other online training, like your Certified Healthcare Emergency Professional designation

Certified Healthcare Safety Professional (CHSP), Certified Healthcare Emergency Professional (CHEP) and the Certified Emergency Disaster Professional (CEDP) certification programs include online and in-person options.  Contact VPC today to start the journey of professional certifications.

Online courses for individuals are offered approximately twice a year. VPC is also one of the only online providers of Certified Emergency Disaster Professional training.

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