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Rapid PPE training and Continuity of Operations Planning amid COVID-19

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VPC recognizes that many organizations and agencies are at many different levels of responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many recommendations are quite fluid depending on many different variables such as preventing spread, PPE availability, healthcare staff, level of exposure and “essential staff”. 

To further VPC mission of creating and sustaining healthy communities we are available during this pandemic.

  • Our highly qualified staff can provide leadership or staffing within your command center or emergency operations center.
  • VPC can assist with the development or creation of continuity of operations for your organization no matter the type of work your company performs and no matter where your company currently is at responding to COVID-19.
  • VPC has the capability to work remotely and support local organizations and agencies.
  • Highly experienced staff can provide Point of Distribution (POD) plans in preparation of COVID-19 vaccine when it becomes available.
  • In-person or online PPE training in regard to donning and doffing different PPE type and brands that your organization or agency is receiving from CDC or donations.

Organizations and agencies are as expected at many different levels currently, please call or email now and discuss our VPC can provide assistance on gaps that your organization or agency has.

Troy Jester
Troy Jester

President, Vantage Point Consulting

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