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Vantage Point Consulting added to IERC approved resources list

VPC Class Exercise

Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPCs) and Emergency Management Agencies (EMAs) throughout the 92 counties of Indiana now have another option when it comes to LEPC exercises, drills and classes. The Indiana Emergency Response Commission (IERC), at its January 2018 meeting, officially added Vantage Point Consulting to its approved list of Planning and Training Resources.

“This approval is just the next step in expanding our company’s ability to provide excellent emergency preparedness training and exercises to our first responder and healthcare partners throughout Indiana”, stated Rick Ball, President and CEO of Vantage Point Consulting.

Vantage Point Consulting has provided a strategic vision for Emergency Management and Preparedness for over a decade. Poised with a professional and knowledgeable staff, Vantage Point Consulting is equipped to assist with:

  • Exercise planning, facilitation and evaluation
  • Tabletop exercises of any size
  • Functional & Full-Scale exercises at multiple sites (if needed)
  • HSEEP compliance
  • Hazard Risk Analysis programs
  • Emergency Preparedness and Hazardous Material courses

For additional information, contact Vantage Point Consulting.

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