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Rush Memorial Hospital hires VPC to train staff how to de-escalate tense and dangerous situations with patrons

Greg Fisher at Rush Memorial Hospital during de-escalation training

Ben Fisher of Vantage Point Consulting has trained a team of healthcare workers at Rush Memorial Hospital on critical life-saving de-escalation techniques. Four groups were trained in May and another four groups in June. Rush Memorial Hospital has provided training to all staff as a proactive measure to prevent escalating situations.

“De-escalation training is all about stopping violence before it starts,” said Fisher. “We train people how to identify dangerous situations, protect themselves and others, and what not to do.”

De-escalation training provided by Vantage Point is critical for hospitals because of the high number of patients and families often under intense stress and pressure. “Healthcare workers are caring for patients who are often agitated or angry due to health concerns.” says Troy Jester, President of Vantage Point Consulting. “Many people are stressed or in a state of shock. Some patients may be under threat through sex trafficing or domestic abuse. Others may be agitated because of no fault other than a medication imbalance. Even a patient who is dehydrated and just needs a glass of water can pose an issue for security, nurses, physicians, and other staff members.”

“None of what we are training people is about how to break up a fight or control violent people through physical force,” says Fisher. “We’re here to show people how to prevent a situation from becoming dangerous, keeping calm and de-escalating an already threatening situation, and how to ensure safety during a confrontation.”

Some of those techniques include the practice of restrictive methods, controlled take-up and take-downs, and distraction techniques.

Joint Commission is designating June 7 as a national day calling for the end of violence in all forms. The Hospitals Against Violence, or #HAVhope campaign, seeks to educate hospitals and residents about violence in hospitals, the public health challenge it poses, and ways to reduce violence through best practices. Please help spread awareness!

Vantage Point Consulting offers de-escalation training to employers, schools, medical providers, and other organizations by request and on regular schedules. You can learn more and request a course now.

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