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11 counties in northeast Indiana’s District 3 will take place in an emergency preparedness exercise on September 10, 2018. This exercise will train and test area hospitals, health departments, emergency managers, and other healthcare partners. Continue Reading 19 northeast Indiana healthcare providers will take part in emergency preparedness exercises September 10

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“The value of these courses comes from having a better understanding of what you’re doing. They make you a well-rounded subject matter expert in areas you’re expected to be to perform your job.” Continue Reading Certifications for healthcare and fire safety professionals that make teams agile and smarter

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One of the many outcomes from the September 11, 2001 Trade Center attacks was the realization there is no standard language used among hospitals, emergency responders, smaller providers like ambulatory and surgical centers. Today, federal regulations standardize practice among agencies who follow the protocols. Continue Reading Inside Incident Command: what healthcare organizations aren’t doing that puts lives at risk

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